Dani Labb

Daniel Labbozzetta, a.k.a Dani Labb, is a Dj / producer from Bariloche, as young he studied bass and percussion and has been producing music in general for a long time, with a lot of influence from house, minimal, jazz, and experimental music.
His works drew attention in labels like Electronique (Germany), Krad Recordings (Argentina), Deep Sense Recordings (Arnhem, NL), Re.Face (Italy), Samani (Germany), Move And Understand (MAU), and others. Artists like Joris Voorn, Jamie Jones, Ray Okpara, Luis Nieva, Cape, Rodrigo DP, Nektar Agu, Santierri, Simon Heslin, Giash, Funk E, Piticu and others more played their songs, and he realized collaborations and remixes with artists like Philip Lammers, Pedro D ‘Alessandro, F.eht, Santierri, Yanee and more. He played in various clubs and cycles along Rio Negro, Santa fé, Neuquén Cordoba and Buenos Aires he shared dj booth with artists like: Chris Gonzales, Fer Mariño, Rodrigo DP, Lautaro Scavuzzo, Midu, Cape, Deep Mariano, Luis Nieva, Diego Cid, Funk E, among others