Friedrich Becker

Lorenzo Saraga aka Friedrich Becker is a 23 years old Italian Dj and producer. Originally from Turin but who left Italy at the age of 19 years old and lived in cities like Melbourne and Berlin, where he still moves back and forward from Italy.
His career started when he was 15, thanks to his parents’ passion for electronic music. Before becoming a producer, Lorenzo was only a young Dj who played records at his friends’ parties. But the true love for music brought him to explore more in this field and let dreams grow, until he started playing in important clubs and venues in Turin, before moving to Australia and then Berlin. Traveling around the world, in fact, gave the opportunity to Lorenzo of experimenting different musical cultures and learn how to mix different genres.
In particular, Berlin is the city where, at the age of 20, Lorenzo decided to bring his musical passion to the next level by being graded at the dBs Music School in Electronic Music Production & Arrangement in the summer of 2016.
The “Berlin era” (as it was called the period that David Bowie lived in Berlin from 1976 to 1979) the city also gave the most musical influences which they come along a dark minimalistic sound characterised by a mix between particular rhythmical grooves and experimental drones. Furthermore, experimenting with “weird” and unusual sound effects, Lorenzo tries to give to the track that feeling of uniqueness.
The underground techno clubs are the ones you should look up to, if you really want to explore his particular sound.
Lorenzo had the possibility to play before headliners such as Barac, Art Department, Martin Buttrich, Barem and many others.
At the moment he has a monthly residency in the most important after-hour in Turin (Doctor Sax), over playing in the most important clubs of the city.
Music production is not the only job for him, in fact, Lorenzo also writes articles, essays and reviews of everything that might regard the electronic music industry, so don’t be surprised if you see his name under some review of the new upcoming releases, and keep your ears open because he is going to share some underground beauties !