Originating from Techno and House, the music gains its glaze from the playful minimalism, the boldly used soundpads and the musical motifs. This could be the shortest description of Giash’s music.

Concerning his bio, he was born in 1987 and grew up in Kelebia which is a small village located in the Southernmost part of Hungary. He attended high school in Budapest where he got in deep touch with the electronic music. His very first release can be considered as the milestone of his musical career because in 2007 the “My Little Lady Birds” EP achieved an overwhelming success in the Beatport Chart. After its release it reached #1 in the Minimal and a couple of months later it became #1 in the All Genres Chart. It was followed by exciting and eventful years in Giash’s life. His works and remixes were continuously released by superb labels from all over the world while his music was getting more and more refined.

In 2014 he was called upon to create a new work for the Canadian Archipel Musique label. Right after that the “270 Degrees” debut EP was released and, as an official artist at the label, Giash was contracted.

A bit before the announcement he moved to Berlin. Thanks to the colourful culture and vivid electronic musical scene of Berlin, Giash could discover an even deeper level of his musicality. After his debut at Archipel he gained the attention of Soul.On Records. Later on this rightly famous Moscower label released his “Dream Antonyms” EP. Experimenting with deep and sometimes melancholic melodies, these minimalistic sounds fit in perfectly to the label’s taste and create a precise image of Giash’s actual concepts.

As turned to 2015, Archipel Musique Canada released the first LP of Giash’s musical career. The album, titled Lovecraft, contains 7 tracks. The main direction is still the fusion of minimalist House and Techno seasoned with Electronica. The LP could be characterized as the combination of playful experimentation, infinite energy positive energy and dynamism. Thanks to Joris Voorn the track from this LP called “Space Odyssey” was selected for the 83rd episode of the well known Fabric Mix series. Later in 2015 the vinyl only label Norse Projekt released his very first and very own EP, Mosaic Floors on 12″ included four especially unique experimental Minimal Techno interpretations. With the beginning of 2016, Archipel released the album “Brightness Is All” which combines the melancholy of minimalism with the mechanics of techno to explore a moody but often moving headspace that gestures towards imaginative and evocative worlds.

The following thought has been the determinative motivation of his musical career since the very beginnings: quality is important because it gives people a legitimate reason to become excited. He continues to be interested in new things that seem old and old things that seem new. His music goes along the main direction, while receding the old standards and leading towards new destinations. It creates channels which can take you beyond the material world if you are up to it.