Born in Saint Petersburg, Yulia grew up with a general taste of music such as rock and soul. But in 2014, she discovered minimal music which had a huge impact into her feelings and from then it never went away. She finally decided to dive into it by learning djing by herself and that’s when Yzi appeared.
Mixing became a good addiction and producing was just the evident next step to sate her strong appetite of being a well rounded artist.
To believe the dream that she had, Yzi decided to leave her native town in order to move to Moscow.
She completes her autodidact debut on Ableton by entering a sound engeneering school, which gave her a new musical horizon and an experience in editing for Russian TV.
During the same period of time, Yzi signed her 1st EPs on labels such as Amazing Lab (Spain) P.U.N.C.H.I.S.(USA), Baile Musik (Germany).
On the djing side, Yzi’s name gets bigger in Moscow’s area and opportunities are coming also from outside of Russia. She effectively played and increased her skills in wellknown clubs such as Gazgolder, Rodnya, Propaganda in Moscow or Katerblau in Berlin. Worldwide radio RTS.fm offered her to play twice on their live videocasts.
In 2018, she launched her own platform called Myzique, which releases podcast from talented artists, she calls it her own hall of fame.
Yzi knows for sure how to show her way of thinking through the music. Straight and groovy, lean toward accomplished sounding conceptual minimal, house and techno hues representing high-grade musical journeys.
With filigree insight to the public, her mixes are always a clear message about the statement: “Say no to commercial, say yes to the underground” but at the same time meticulous selection of music for a certain audience and time.