14:53 03 February in News

1)      Hello Iulian, can you tell us a bit about you and your musical background? What made you decide to write your own music?

Hello guys and gals. Well, to be honest there is nothing spectacular in my past and musical background. When I was little, I used to listen to music on my dad’s Kashtan-1 magnetic tape player/recorder (he bought that as a birthday present when I was born back in September ’83) and old vinyl records of any music one could get his hands on in a communist regime. After ’89, getting access to music was easier, so my universe expanded and my love of music grew. Few years later, around ’98 after the World Cup my parents bought me and my 2 little brothers our first computer. After getting the hang of it and done playing hundreds of hours of Quake 2, I finally managed to have a look at a tracker software (Fast-Tracker) that came with the soundcard drivers. That was my first attempt at creating music, although it was mostly just goofing around. Eventually with more practice I got better at it. The piano, violin and cello lessons I took certainly helped making things easier to understand. Around 2002 I got a copy of a software called Reason, it was a giant leap for me. Back in those days I was really into trance music, actually almost everyone was… so naturally I was recording trance music. Two years later I had my first vinyl release. I have to say it was a powerfull experience holding a vinyl record with my own music. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a musician/producer/sound engineer and everything related. So naturally all my time and effort went into that. Later on I’ve moved on to Ableton and hardware and tried exploring as many sounds and genres as possible.


2)      Can you describe your own music?

I’d rather let others describe my music.


3)      How do you work on your tracks? Do you have to be in a special mood or are you a non-stop “working machine”?

None of the above actually. It’s some sort of temporary insanity manifesting itself in the form of music. It’s random, it’s emotional, it’s beautiful. I cannot control it, nor do I want to. When it happens I’m fully immersed in my soundscapes. I am trapped in my own canvas of sounds, yet free to paint any waveform I desire.


4)      What is the part of DJ-ing in your lifestyle? Is it something you like as much as producing?

I’m a musician at heart, my first love is writing music and most of my effort goes into that. But I also seek balance and perfect clarity in sound… when one explores my sound collages, one will discover hidden elements with each new listening experience. When I’m in front of an audience I don’t see myself as a DJ but a performer. I usually play live sessions of my own sounds.


5)      For a couple years, a lot of media in the scene has bet on you to be the next “Romanian revelation” as Raresh, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu were before. Does it have any effect on you?

I try to distance myself from this and not let it influence me and my music in any way. This might be a boost of confidence but it can also be a boost of ego… and ego is destructive. When I write music, I let go of my ego and become part of universal consciousness and the music I create is no longer my possesion, it belongs to everyone.


6)      How do you explain that the Romanian Scene has exploded the last few years?

To be honest I don’t think there is any exact explanation, nor should anyone seek one. I think it has something to do with the novelty of the sound.


7)      Any secret plans or news for 2015?

I’ve been working on an album for a few years… and rumour has it it’s going to be released sometime next year.